Baseball Ink

Baseball The Way It Was Meant To Be

Game 2 of the 2000 World Series

by Rick Walunas

Game 1 of the Series
Took two days to play,
But the Yanks were the winners
So that was O.K.

Game 2 was more normal
Both in time and space
The Mets had been scoreless
The Yanks in their face.

Now the 7th had ended,
5 to "Oh" was the score,
My eyelids were heavy
I could take no more.

So I turned off the tube
And drifted happily to sleep.
The Yanks were ahead...
The shutout they'd keep.

Then, what to my bleary eyes
Should arrive
But the morning newspaper,
Yanks Win 6 to 5.

What could have happened
I read every page,
Don't tell me The Rocket
Went into a rage.

Did he throw at Piazza
Or toss a bat down to first.
What! They brought in Jeff Nelson
What could be worse.

So, no matter the score
Be it 20 to zip,
Now pay close attention
To this Yankee tip,

Don't go to sleep
And expect them to breeze,
'Cause if the bullpen gets in,
Better pray on your knees!!