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Average WAR for 2018 Hall of Fame Candidates

November 18, 2018 by TheUmpire

We have converted a baseball player's career Wins Above Replacement (WAR) into a rate statistic which indicates the average number of wins above replacement a player would give his team per single season (avgWAR). uses the following scale for WAR values:

  • 8+ MVP Quality
  • 5+ All-Star Quality
  • 2+ Starter
  • 0-2 Reserve
  • <0 Replacement Level

It is our proposal that players having an avgWAR of 5.0 or higher are worthy of induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Player avgWAR
Barry Bonds8.81
Roger Clemens6.74
Larry Walker5.92
Scott Rolen5.56
Chipper Jones5.51
Johan Santana5.43
Curt Schilling5.41
Edgar Martinez5.38
Mike Mussina5.26
Manny Ramirez4.87
Jim Thome4.64
Andruw Jones4.63
Carlos Zambrano4.62
Vladimir Guerrero4.47
Sammy Sosa4.02
Jeff Kent3.89
Gary Sheffield3.79
Orlando Hudson3.72
Johnny Damon3.64
Fred McGriff3.45
Chris Carpenter3.44
Ben Sheets3.18
Kerry Wood3.02
Hideki Matsui2.79
Jack Wilson2.78
Jamie Moyer2.57
Omar Vizquel2.47
Billy Wagner2.24
Kevin Millwood2.24
Carlos Lee2.18
Livan Hernandez2.13
Adam Kennedy2.01
Carl Pavano1.96
Aubrey Huff1.95
Trevor Hoffman1.87
Francisco Cordero1.46
Jeff Suppan1.37
Jason Isringhausen1.16
Brian Fuentes1.12
Scott Podsednik1.04
Miguel Batista0.95
Brad Lidge0.92
Guillermo Mota0.58

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