Baseball Ink

Baseball The Way It Was Meant To Be

Baseball Limericks

by Bennett Oberfeld

When you ask Mr. Cub Ernie Banks
"How could you play with inferior ranks?"
What with two MVP's
Five hundred homers to please?
He just said "Let's play two" and gave thanks

In Philly their fans would boo Jesus
Asking "What's he done lately to please us?"
"We've heard all the loud raves
Of how Jesus saves
So did he blow that late lead to appease us?"

Bennett Oberfeld has been a die-hard baseball fan for over 30 years, rooting for home town teams starting with the Orioles, to the Cubs, now for the Braves. He has been to 24 of the 30 existing ball parks, but refuses to see a game in Montreal Olympic Stadium or the Metrodome.