Baseball Ink

Baseball The Way It Was Meant To Be

Baseball Limericks

by Bennett Oberfeld

Roger Craig taught to all the split finger
So that batters would not blast a dinger
If he saw an outsider
Toss a fastball or slider
He was thrown off the team as a ringer

The Reds bullpen was full of high fliers
Led by the top flake, lefty Randy Myers
He teamed up with Ron Dibble
For more psyches than Sybil
Plus Norm Charlton, the king of live wires

Bennett Oberfeld has been a die-hard baseball fan for over 30 years, rooting for home town teams starting with the Orioles, to the Cubs, now for the Braves. He has been to 24 of the 30 existing ball parks, but refuses to see a game in Montreal Olympic Stadium or the Metrodome.