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Letter From The Publisher


George. Abe. Alex. Andy. Ulysses. Ben.


If these six men are allowed to continue their (aggravated) assault on the Game of Baseball, they soon will be.

We fans suffer as our game writhes in pain. Excruciating prices for parking, tickets, concessions, and souvenirs. Overbearing corporate presence in the form of ubiquitous advertisements and stadium naming rights. Time-sucking television commercials bloating nine-inning contests well beyond three hours.

The Society of Six—with full owner and player backing—chips away at the magic and integrity of baseball. Nickel and dime. Not this time.

Because now it is about killing—steroid-style.

The Sinister Six have convinced owners and players alike to dismiss the issue of steroid use in baseball.

Spare me the inane rhetoric about "natural dietary supplements" and "inconclusive year-long independent studies" and "inadequate drug testing capabilities." Focus on the plain and simple truth: STEROIDS KILL.

Not convinced? Then why is steroid usage banned by the NFL, the NCAA, and the IOC?

Still not convinced? Two words: Lyle Alzado.

STEROIDS KILL. And the Circle of Six is directly responsible. Just who are these six men, you ask? They are the portraits adorning those 6 and 3/16" x 2 and 9/16" pieces of green paper that fill our purses and wallets. Money.

Owners won't step in and demand a ban on steroid usage because they can fill more seats and sell more seats, hot dogs, beer, tickets, TV time, jerseys, and caps when their team sports a 70-HR-per-year player as opposed to a 30-HR-per-year guy.

Players won't push the issue because a 70-HR-per-year player commands multi-millions of dollars more in a contract year than does a 30-HR-per-year guy.

And, until now, we fans have turned away because we would rather ogle the 70-HR-per-year freak show rather than slog through a low-scoring, well-played game.

(For now, we'll back-burner the discussion on "unfair advantage." Integrity of the records of game be damned. Can anyone say "asterisk"?)

While all of this is just plain wrong, it seems that logic and reason and medical studies and dead football players and moral decency aren't enough to combat the greed and exploitation.

Well, no more. I am calling on all baseball fans to:

  • Demand that MLB (and the minors and the indies) mandate a complete ban on steroid usage consistent with the policies already in place in the NFL, NCAA, and IOC.
  • Insist on truly independent, third-party testing.
  • Boycott your ballpark until comprehensive steroid restrictions and regular testing have been implemented.
  • Refuse to patronize businesses which advertise on radio and television broadcasts of baseball games.

It is time to retaliate. How? By rubbing out the Syndicate of Six. By hitting the owners and players where it hurts. Take the money out of their pockets. Take away the incentive to use steroids.

Take back our game.

J. P. Alexander
Publisher, Baseball Ink