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Where Were You When McGwire Hit 62?

A song by Allen Levi

Where were you when he stepped up to the batter's box
Where were you when he hovered at the plate
Where were you on the moment he made history
On the 8th day of September nineteen hundred ninety eight

Where were you when he took our minds off all our cares
Where were you when he almost missed first base
Where were you when the whole world stopped to celebrate
When with a single stroke he put a smile on every face

I was changing strings on my guitar
Sitting in a straight back chair
But I jumped right up like the hometown crowd
And cheered like I was really there

Where were you when he picked his son up at the plate
And when he hugged that good old Sammy Sosa just the same
Where were you when everybody got along
And the game was so much more, so much more than just a game

We all need heroes good and big and strong
Seems we found one over in St. Lou
Where were you at 9:18 that Tuesday night
Where were you when McGwire hit 62?

(Written 9/9/1998. Copyright (c) Allen C. Levi. Reprinted by permission.)

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