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Letter From The Publisher

Is the magic gone?

A bit melodramatic, perhaps, but given the current state of the game—at both the major league and minor league levels—it is a question I find myself asking.

A number of observations disturb me. I witnessed a brawl on the field at a minor league park which was completely uncalled for and entirely out of control. I heard fans cheering for the brawl itself—much the same mentality (or idiocy) possessed by fans who go to the race track to see a wreck or to a hockey game to see a fight. I paid over $6.00 for a beer at a major league game and as much as $3.75 for a beer at a short-season Class A game. (I won't even go into ticket prices.) I sat in ballparks named after corporations. I hear rumblings of another major league strike or lockout, and I sympathize with neither camp of millionaires.

On the other hand, the laughter I heard from a couple of minor league outfielders playing catch during warm-ups encourages me. My heart smiles when I see a father teaching his child how to score a game. A number of extremely helpful and gracious ballpark personnel have served me, my family, and friends. I have visited some excellent baseball-related Web sites dedicated to promoting the history of the game. And, I think you will see, I have received some very inspired writing for this issue of Baseball Ink.

No clear answer to my question, yet I find it worrisome that the issue can be debated at all.

All in all, I have hope that the magic is still there. And I hope that this magazine does its part to help keep it alive.

Write us and let us know what you think.

J. P. Alexander
Publisher, Baseball Ink