Baseball Ink

Baseball The Way It Was Meant To Be

Runner On First

                      runner on first

corner of the eye                       corner of the diamond

get the catcher's sign      check the third base coach's sign

                                               step step step

step off the rubber                     step back on the base

                                               step step step


lean in                                   lean towards second

ball in the hand                            balls of the feet


hands together                      arms dangling hands loose

come set                                                (set)

steal a glance                           (gonna steal a base)

q  u  i  c  k  s  n  a  p  t  h  r  o  w  t  o  f  i  r  s  t
                                             dive in the dirt
                                              tag on the hand

                                            back to the bench

© 1999 John P. Alexander
Atlanta, GA