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The First Curveball I Ever Saw

I remember the at-bat like it was yesterday, yet it was 25 years ago when it happened. I was digging into the batter's box. From seeing this guy pitch to the other guys, I knew he had an incredible fastball. I wanted to start my stride early. The pitcher released the ball and I got started. It didn't take long to realize the ball was coming right at my head. As I started to bend back out of the way, it broke down and away sharply. All I could do was stand in amazement as the ball went right to the catcher's mitt for a strike.

It was the scariest and most embarrassing moment I'd ever had in an at-bat. I knew I did not have a future in baseball at that time.

The pitcher's name was Alfonzo Timmons.

Dave Quinn
Hanover, PA