2013 Pre-Integration Era Ballot – avgWAR vs Auditioning for Cooperstown

November 17, 2012 by TheUmpire

Bill Dahlen In our last post, we introduced Andre Lower’s new book, "Auditioning for Cooperstown:  Rating Baseball’s Stars for the Hall of Fame."

Today we compare Lower’s rating system with Baseball Ink’s avgWAR scores for the six players on the 2013 Pre-Integration Era ballot for the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

Lower writes:

Bill Dahlen ranks 49th all-time among hitters, including 38th in career production. He definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Wes Ferrell ranks 44th all-time among starting pitchers, including 26th in peak seasons production. He absolutely belongs in Cooperstown.

Marty Marion ranks 436th all-time among hitters in Hall of Fame points. Only three hitters in the Hall of Fame, none remotely deserving, rank below him. Ranking just under Del Crandall and Gene Woodling, Marion does not belong in the Hall of Fame.

Tony Mullane ranks 57th all-time among starting pitchers in Hall of Fame points. For that and being the greatest pitcher in American Association (as a major league) history, he is certainly a Hall of Famer.

Bucky Walters ranks 35th all-time among starting pitchers, his point totals including his hitting career prior to his conversion to pitching. He ranks 16th in peak seasons production among starting pitchers, a testament to his great 1939, 1940 and 1944 seasons. He surely belongs in Cooperstown.

Deacon White ranks 34th all-time among hitters, including 27th in career production and 18th in peak seasons production thanks to the schedule adjustment made to level the playing field between 19th Century players who played in short seasons and those playing in longer seasons. White absolutely is a Hall of Famer.

The Baseball Ink avgWAR scores:

Players with 8+ seasons Career Batting Career Pitching
Rank Player avgWAR Career WAR G Seasons G GS Seasons NB HoF
55 Wes Ferrell 5.58 57.2 548 3.38 374 323 10.25 N
125 Bill Dahlen 4.70 70.9 2444 15.09 0 0 0.00 N
153 Deacon White 4.57 44.0 1560 9.63 2 0 0.03 N
207 Bucky Walters 4.28 52.0 715 4.41 428 398 12.15 N
275 Tony Mullane 3.95 61.5 784 4.84 555 504 15.57 N
542 Marty Marion 3.05 29.6 1572 9.70 0 0 0.00 N

(WAR scale:  8+ MVP, 5+ All-Star, 2+ Starter, 0-2 Substitute, < 0 Replacement)

Typically, we here at Baseball Ink consider an avgWAR value of 5 (+/- .5) as a cutoff point.  Ferrell is definitely worthy; Dahlen, White, Walters are arguably worthy; Mullane and Marion not.

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